Aid Relationships

The quality of relationships within and between organisations in the web of aid is crucial for organisational performance. Until recently and with some notable exceptions surprisingly little attention has been paid to the workings of the relationships within this web nor to the contradictions that play out in every day practice, leading to questions such as:

  • What relationships should international aid agencies prioritise in their work and what criteria should they use to guide that choice.
  • How can and should aid agency staff respond to conflict and contestation within a recipient country? Whose voice and knowledge count in the decisions they make?
  • How should financial management and reporting procedures be revised to optimise a concern for quality relationships in aid?

IDS researchers have been collaborating with a network of practitioners and academics to explore the key dimensions of aid relationships in order to promote organisational learning.

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start date
1 February 2005
end date
20 November 2009

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