Asbestos Diseases

This research examines people’s experience of asbestos related diseases. It seeks to explore how people feel after contracting the disease and how it affects them personally.

The research contrasts these personal experiences to scientific and legal understandings of asbestos diseases. It examines in what ways people suffering from asbestos disease agree – or disagree – with these medical and legal definitions of what causes the disease, of how it might be treated, of who should be compensated and so forth.

The aim is to understand how people interpret their experiences, what values they draw upon to do so and how illness shapes their identities. This research thus aims to explore how people in affected areas are engaging with Asbestos-Related Diseases and with scientific, medical and legal discourses, and how this engagement is shaped by, and in turn shapes, gendered and other forms of identity.

Key contacts

Linda Waldman

Director of Teaching and Learning

+44 (0)1273 915685

Project details

start date
1 January 2005
end date
28 March 2007


Recent work