Bridging the Gap Evaluation

This is a mid-term evaluation of the Bridging the Gaps Programme.

The Bridging the Gaps programme, operating in 16 countries worldwide across all the main key populations at-risk for HIV, provides a unique opportunity for cross learning across geographical areas, key populations and approaches. The programme is funded by the Dutch Government and runs from September 2011-December 2015.

The scope of the evaluation is to provide an in depth view of a work in progress: the general focus is on strategic choices, partnerships and learning processes. This includes the functionality of the Bridging the Gaps alliance with 76 organizations and its multilevel structure linking global and local levels.

In order to achieve this, the evaluation will use a mixed methodology, combining methods and techniques from results oriented M&E with those utilised in participatory M&E. The team will collect largely qualitative data, and analyse quantitative data as provided by the programme alliance.

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start date
1 December 2013
end date
30 April 2014


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Aids Fonds

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Pauline Oosterhoff

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