CDC Longitudinal Development Impact Study

The CDC Group plc is a Development Finance Institution (DFI) wholly owned by the UK government. Its mission is to support the growth of businesses and infrastructure development throughout Africa and South Asia in order to create jobs and make a difference to people’s lives in some of the poorest areas of the world.

CDC invests its own capital through funds, private equity and debt instruments, as well as providing technical support. The purpose is to achieve development impacts, mobilise other sources of investment, and demonstrate to broader capital markets the importance of investing in fragile and frontier markets.

IDS, in association with Itad, IPSOS and Open Capital Advisors (OCA), is conducting the first ten-year study to systematically analyse the mobilisation of private investment by CDC in the fragile and frontier markets of Africa and South Asia.

The research study is expected to generate robust evidence and learning to support DFID and CDC to better understand the contribution it makes to direct and indirect capital mobilisation. The study builds on the methodologies of OECD and the IFC to measure mobilisation and demonstration effects, as well as conducting investor sentiment surveys and a macro-economic analysis.

The multi-disciplinary research team consists of finance and investment experts, evaluators, survey and polling specialists, and macro-economists. The study has a one-year inception phase (2017 to 2018) followed by nine years of implementation (2018 to 2027).

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start date
9 July 2017
end date
1 October 2027


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