Child Vulnerability Assessment, UNICEF Myanmar

Currently, there is insufficient information with respect to child situation of disparities and vulnerabilities in Myanmar in both monetary and multidimensional terms. This lack of information limits policy design with respect to children as well as monitoring and evaluation efforts. There is worldwide recognition that children deserve more attention in the poverty reduction and development debate and this acknowledgement has instigated a wide range of child poverty and well-being studies across the globe in both developing and developed countries. This study aims to assess the situation of children in Myanmar from a multidimensional perspective, taking into account the country-specific context.

IDS has been commissioned to analyse the most recent Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) data and write a report on child vulnerability, which can be utilized for evidence based programming and advocacy to improve children’s status in Myanmar.

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Keetie Roelen

Research Fellow / Co-Director, Centre for Social Protection


+44 (0)1273 915824

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start date
20 October 2010
end date
20 January 2011


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UNICEF Myanmar

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