China as the new ‘shaper’ of global development

The pace and significance of China’s rise has implications for both traditional and emerging powers, as well as for developing countries. This plays a role for energy and climate change and for many other development issues. Rising Powers Network is a new network that will place China as the new ‘shaper’ of global development under the ESRC’s Rising Power’s Programme.

The network will bridge the gap between our understanding of China’s policy interests and processes and its development impacts in low income countries, as well as implications of this for the international development community more broadly.

Members are leading academics, policy analysts and policy-makers from China, Europe and low income countries. Three two-day workshops will be organised in Beijing, London and Brighton. The first workshop will discuss the implications of a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of the domestic processes behind China’s development activities for its external engagements. The second workshop will analyse the actors, institutions and modes of interaction through which China and low income countries engage. The third workshop will apply the analytical framework developed throughout the network activities to particular areas of on-going research on energy and climate change, focusing on the Mekong Region and Africa.

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Project details

start date
1 February 2010
end date
28 February 2011


In partnership with
Open University Tsinghua University

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