China Low Carbon Platform

China is home to a quarter of the entire world population and is a global economic player. It has rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change. China has national plans for developing a low carbon economy, for promoting renewable energy and tackling climate change. The country also has a long experience of using renewable energy such as micro-hydropower, wind and solar energy at the community level for rural electrification. China’s efforts should be supported through increased international cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Aim of project

To disseminate and share information in Chinese and English on low carbon energy systems and low carbon development strategies that reduce poverty and tackle climate change in Chinese communities.

Platform features and services:

  • Free download of resources on renewable energy, other low carbon energy and low carbon development
  • Free upload of own resources by platform users
  • Forums and blogs to share experience and resources

The platform is open to practitioners, researchers and those who are interested in energy and low carbon development in China, as well as policy-makers and businesses.

Project details

start date
29 January 2010
end date
31 December 2010


Supported by
The Koru Foundation