Compliance of Edible Oil and Salt Fortification with National Program Standards in Bangladesh

This study is part of a larger research project commissioned by the Global Alliance for Improving Nutrition (GAIN), in this instance partnered with Oxford Policy Management. The overall objective of the project is to conduct exploratory research studies on the salt and edible value chains in Bangladesh and the actors within, focusing on compliance and monitoring of fortification.

The study will contribute to a greater understanding of the drivers of behaviour in value chains by disentangling in detail the decisions made along edible oil and salt value chains by identifying distribution of incentives, share of value, business relationships, costs and risks, and broader institutional factors that affect the value chain and the factors that determine consumer choice (e.g. availability, affordability, brand).


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Jodie Thorpe

Research Fellow, Cluster Leader


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Project details

start date
8 May 2019
end date
31 January 2020
£ 60,837

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Research themes
Inclusive Economies


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Amrita Saha

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Ayako Ebata

Research Fellow

Image of Jodie Thorpe
Jodie Thorpe

Research Fellow, Cluster Leader