Crisis Watch

Crisis Watch is a global network of researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in monitoring the on-the-ground impacts of the financial crisis.

Crisis Research Tools

The documents on this page are a set of tools to assist with methodology.

Crisis impact monitoring methodology: lessons from a pilot study in 2009 (pdf)

In early 2009, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned the Institute of Development Studies to undertake in five countries a pilot qualitative study of the impact of the food, fuel and financial crises. Our aim was to find out directly from people living in poverty how they were experiencing and responding to these crises.

This note captures what we have learnt about the methodological, organisational and communication opportunities and challenges in undertaking such a study within tight time and budget constraints. The note’s target audience are those designing research and policy initiatives to monitor the impact of the crisis, particularly community-based and people-centred monitoring efforts using mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methodologies.

Monitoring Crises as if People Matter: Rapid Wellbeing Tools for Assessing Development Downturns (pdf)

Easily replicated participatory tools for state-of-the-art concepts of wellbeing could improve crisis monitoring and treat people as if they really matter. How should we approach the study of the impact of crises on development?

IDS researchers have been grappling with this problem in response to requests for guidance on how to monitor the effects of economic downturn and other global crises. A key concern is the urgent need for instruments fine-tuned to track what really matters while meeting rigorous research standards.

Full list of Crisis Watch related publications (pdf)

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15 February 2010
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15 February 2013

Recent work


Estimating the National Impact of the Financial Crisis in Indonesia by Combining a Rapid Qualitative Study with Nationally Representative Surveys

IDS Working Paper 346

This paper draws on a rapid qualitative assessment of the impact of the financial crisis in Indonesia, to generate hypotheses about the potential national impacts. These hypotheses are tested using nationally representative labour force surveys from before and after the onset of the financial...

16 March 2010