Cutting Edge Programme on Gender and Social Movements

The BRIDGE Cutting Edge programme on Gender and Social Movements aims to inspire and help build more effective, gender-just social movements, better able to create positive transformation and equality for all.

Women protesters in Cairo during the Arab Spring

The programme has championed a collaborative approach, guided by an expert advisory group led by Srilatha Batliwala, and actively involving ‘communities of practice’ made up of over 150 activists and scholars from a range of global regions and social movements.

Together, participants have been exploring how social movements think about women’s rights and gender justice, both as part of their external agendas and within their own internal structures and cultures.

The new gender and social movements website houses the BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack on gender and social movements, as well as a range of extra multimedia materials on the topic.

Project details

start date
1 October 2011
end date
31 March 2015


Recent work