Developing the Inclusive Economies Measurement Framework: Applying to Different Contexts and Exploring Theories of Change

The Rockefeller Foundation defines inclusive economies as ones that are equitable, participatory, growing, stable, and sustainable. This project is developing and applying indicators of inclusive economies at sub-national scales, such as cities and intra-national market systems.

IDS (Gordon McGranahan) is leading the analysis of metro areas in South Africa with HSRC (Ivan Turok and Justin Visagie), as well as contributing to a review of the economic inclusions and the residential water market in Manila.

The project builds on past work undertaken by Chris Benner (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Manuel Pastor (University of California), summarised here. In applying the framework to the metro areas of South Africa, we will build on, adapt and add to existing indicator systems (such as those used in the State of South African Cities 2016). Particular attention will be paid to city-specific issues of inclusion, and evidence that the metros provide a route out of poverty for those coming from other parts of the country, as well as for long term residents.

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start date
1 January 2017
end date
31 December 2017


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Rockefeller Foundation

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