DRC on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty

The Development Research Centre (DRC) on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty is based at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research at the University of Sussex.

The DRC is a five-year programme funded by the UK Department for International Development.

IDS is one of a number of partners within the DRC and we are conducting research under three headings:

  • ‘Social Protection of Workers in Global Sussex Centre Poverty Agriculture: Pilot Study in Ghana’ (Stephanie Barrientos with John Anarfi, ISSER, Ghana)
  • ‘Impacts of for Migration Poverty and Vulnerability on Migration Choice: Ghana and Egypt’ (Rachel Sabates-Wheeler with Richmond Tiemoko, Sussex)
  • ‘Balancing Rights and Risks in Forced Migration in India and Malaysia’ (Lyla Mehta with Carol Yong). Rachel is also the theme convenor for theme two on ‘Changing Dynamics of Migration’.

See the Migration, Globalisation and Poverty website for more information

Project details

start date
10 February 2004
end date
10 February 2012