EDOREN: Education, Data, Research and Evaluation, Nigeria

EDOREN is designed to generate new evidence and understanding of how best to support equitable access and improved learning outcomes for all Nigerian children through innovation and the sustainable development of basic education systems. Its two primary objectives are:

  1. To embed research, evaluation and learning in DFID’s education sector support in Nigeria.
  2. To enhance national capacities to generate and use quality educational data, research and evaluation for policy and strategy making.

To achieve these objectives, EDOREN‘s primary task is to add value to the performance of DFID Nigeria’s (DFIDN’s) education portfolio, particularly:

  • GEP3 (2012-2020); DEEPEN (2013-2018: Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria)
  • the Teacher Development Programme (TDP: 2013-2018)
  • and the well-established Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN 2008-2014).

It addition, it will contribute, selectively and strategically, to building and strengthening capacity to generate and use data, research and evaluation for basic education beyond the borders of individual projects.

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start date
24 March 2013
end date
24 March 2017


In partnership with
Oxford Policy Management

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