Enhancing Effectiveness of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Food and Agriculture

The kind of challenges that the food and agriculture sector is faced with increasingly asks for approaches that can engage effectively with related complexities. Much is invested in multi-stakeholder platforms as they hold a potential for playing an important role in doing so. However, there is a great need to assess their contribution to inclusive and sustainable development, and to assess what makes for effective platforms.

This research and learning project identifies different types of MS platforms, and implicit or explicit theories of change (ToC) that drive their way of working. These ToCs will be used to develop useful, credible approaches to gather the evidence for the effectiveness of platforms. Both existing evidence and designed approaches will be tested through working with a number of specific platforms.

Overall the project will lead to appealing and readily applicable approaches assessing effectiveness of multi-stakeholder platforms, as well as initial reflections on a number of collaborating platforms. The research initiative will be embedded in on-going exchange and communication with those involved in multistakeholder platforms, those who invest in such platforms, and with YieldWise platforms specifically.

Three workshops and use of established, targeted online knowledge hubs are part of active sharing of outcomes. Results from this research initiative can support decision-makers in making strategic and prudent investments in multi-stakeholder platforms.

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start date
1 April 2016
end date
31 March 2018


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Wageningen University

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