Enhancing IDS’ effectiveness in influencing policy with research

In 2010 the Board of IDS agreed a new strategy for IDS that revolves around four key aims:

  • We will build new alliances
  • We will co-construct knowledge
  • We will engage in dynamic policy environments
  • We will build our institutional capacity to be fit for purpose

In seeking to be an excellent organisation that learns about its effectiveness and efficiency, a strategic dashboard was developed to assist the Strategic Management Group (SMG) and the Board. ILT has led on the conceptualising of the dashboard and how to operationalise it.

The dashboard will seek to monitor the extent to which IDS is implementing the intention of the strategic aims, how strategic we are in our new actions, and what benefits we are realising through the implementation of these aims.

Our monitoring has a wider purpose than simply serving the Board. To this end, we are strengthening processes for engaging point people for the IDS strategy and SMG in the data analysis and use. Also, we have tried to involve a range of staff from across the institute in focus groups to analyse examples provided for the qualitative indicators in the set.

One of our key principles is that our monitoring is proportionate to the benefit it can provide. To this end we have endeavoured to streamline data collection wherever possible existing or emerging processes and ensure new data collection complements other related activities and reporting for teams.

Project details

start date
29 December 2010
end date
29 June 2014