EuropeAid – Assistance in Social Transfers

The European Commission’s Advisory Service in Social Transfers’ project (ASiST) aims to increase the contribution of social transfers to addressing food and nutrition security. The project gives advisory services as requested by EU delegations. These services include building capacity for the design of social transfer programmes, developing a body of knowledge and supporting the policy dialogue. Keetie Roelen and Stephen Devereux have been working together with DAI as members of the Technical Quality Board to support the ASiST team and ensure quality assurance.

In 2015 Stephen Devereux contributed to an ASiST Position Paper for the European Union titled ‘The nexus between social protection (SP) and food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FANSSA)’, and Stephen Devereux and Christophe Béné wrote an ASiST Briefing Paper for DEVCO C1 titled ‘How can social transfers discourage over-fishing and promote more sustainable practices?’

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1 January 2015
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28 February 2019


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