Firm Behaviour and the Introduction of New Products: Evidence using a Firm Micro Data Set in Brazil

The objective of this research is to contribute to the understanding of one of the most important processes required for achieving sustained economic growth in emerging and developing countries: the process of product and export diversification.

It will analyse the experience of one of the new rising powers, Brazil; and will build an interdisciplinary (economics, business and innovation) and international (UK and Brazilian) high quality research network. The research will explore a unique firm-level dataset that links data on production, innovation and exports. The results of the research aim at improving the understanding of the firm-level learning and innovation processes through which firms introduce new products for production and export.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the team, a variety of different approaches will be tested to understand firm level product diversification from the trade, business, innovation and value chain literature. Furthermore, the results of this research will also enable other researchers in the UK and Brazil to understand new datasets and possible ways in which they might be used. Ultimately, this will improve the overall understanding about structural transformation in a rising power such as Brazil.

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Image of Xavier Cirera

Xavier Cirera

Research Fellow

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start date
1 July 2010
end date
31 March 2011


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Image of Xavier Cirera

Xavier Cirera

Research Fellow

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