Foresight Project Global Food and Farming Futures: Food System Scenarios and Modelling

The Foresight project Global Food and Farming Futures explores the increasing pressures on the global food system between now and 2050.

The Report highlights the decisions that policy makers need to take today, and in the years ahead, to ensure that a global population rising to nine billion or more can be fed sustainably and equitably. The Foresight report makes a compelling case for urgent action to redesign the global food system to meet the challenge of feeding the world over the next 40 years.

The sub-project Food System Scenarios and Modelling reviews existing long-run food system scenario studies and develops a range of alternative model-based quantitative projections for the global food system.

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start date
11 July 2009
end date
30 October 2010


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The Future of the Global Food System


Although food prices in major world markets are at or near a historical low, there is increasing concern about food security—the ability of the world to provide healthy and environmentally sustainable diets for all its peoples. This article is an introduction to a collection of reviews whose...

27 September 2010