Gender and Employment in Global Production

Female employment in global production is significant in certain sectors. There has not only been a ‘feminsation’ of the labour force, but also a change in the gender dimension of global employment. Women are often concentrated in flexible and informal work, and gender constraints often limit their ability to access work opportunities and benefits.

Research by Naila Kabeer and Stephanie Barrientos has focused on the transformation of gender and employment in both export manufacturing and agriculture. Their focus has been on some of the key constraints to women’s ability to take up employment in global production, and to participate in the labour market on more equitable terms. This work has formed the basis of a number of research projects and policy advice to the International Labour Organisation, Department for Interntaional Development and NGOs. They also provided a background paper on gender and global production that informed the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalisation.

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11 February 2004
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11 February 2005



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