High Level Panel of Experts Report on Social Protection and Food Security

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) requested the HLPE to produce a report, to be presented at the 39th Session of the CFS, a study on social protection and food security, and more specifically on “ways to lessen vulnerability through social and productive safety nets programs and policies with respect to food and nutritional security, taking into consideration differing conditions across countries and regions.

This will include a review of the impact of existing policies for the improvement of living conditions and resilience of vulnerable populations, especially small scale rural producers, urban and rural poor as well as women and children.

The report, ‘Social Protection for Food Security‘ (pdf) is being led by IDS Fellow Stephen Devereux, along with experts from the University of Oslo, IFPRI, Tulane University and the World Bank.

The report elaborates the linkages between food insecurity and social protection policies. It recommends that social protection should be legislated and should incorporate accountability mechanisms such as social audits and grievance procedures.

The final report can be found on the FAO website. (pdf)

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start date
16 August 2012
end date
15 November 2015


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