Impact Evaluation of Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme, Tigray Region in Ethiopia

A Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme (SCTPP) was launched in Tigray province, Ethiopia in April 2012. It aimed to support the most vulnerable, specifically targeting labour-constrained and ultra-poor households and to improve the quality of life of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), elderly people and people with disabilities (PWD) by providing a regular cash transfers and linking those with the provision of social welfare services.

In May 2012, IDS began the first round of qualitative fieldwork as part of a mixed methods evaluation of the Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme (SCTPP) in Tigray, Ethiopia. The evaluation sought to analyse the impact of the programme on the participants as well as the wider community they live in, the operational effectiveness of the programme, and the programme’s targeting efficiency.

The second round of qualitative fieldwork was undertaken in December 2013. Using qualitative research, the IDS team accessed the perceptions of relevant stakeholders, the performance of the SCTPP in terms of receipt of payments and grievance procedures, how the SCTPP interfaces with informal social protection mechanisms and affects community dynamics, and how the community care coalitions function in term of implementing the SCTPP as well as complementary services. The team also provided advice to the project leader on the conduct, development and implementation of the project.

The final evaluation report was selected as one of UNICEF best research outputs in 2016.

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1 May 2012
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31 December 2014


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