Impact Evaluation of the Productive Safety Net Programme Phase 4 (2015-2020)

The Productive Safety Net Programme “provides transfers to the food insecure population […] in a way that prevents asset depletion at the household level and creates assets at the community level.”

Unlike annual emergency appeals, it was conceived as a multi-year program so as to provide recipients with predictable and reliable transfers.The PSNP uses a mix of geographic and community-based targeting to identify beneficiaries. Approximately 80 percent of participants receive six months of employment on labour intensive public works projects. These emphasize reversing environmental degradation, improving water control and improving road access.The remainder, largely households whose primary income earners are elderly or disabled, receive unconditional transfers. Payments are made in both food and cash.

This work comprises bi-annual impact evaluations of the PSNP utilising a mixed methods approach. IDS leads on the qualitative evaluation.