Impact of the Economic Crisis on women and children in Zambia

The Government of Zambia has initiated a study to look at the affects of the financial crisis on women and children in Zambia.

UNICEF Zambia commissioned IDS to undertake with study, with the following objectives:

  • To increase understanding of the impact of the economic crisis by developing community analyses of the manifestations, responses and impacts of economic change in different locations and amongst different livelihoods groups
  • To develop knowlegde of specific interventions that can mitigate the worst impact of shock through developing, supporting and monitoring supportive interventions in collaboration with participant groups in selected areas
  • To use evidence from these analyses and results to advocate with the Government through appropriate UN and cooperating partner mechanisms to implement policy and programmes to reduce or mitigate the impacts of the crisis on vulnerable groups, and / or strengthen the coping capacity at household level.

Project details

start date
21 December 2009
end date
21 December 2012


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Centre for Social Protection