Inclusive Futures

Inclusive Futures is a Consortium programme of 16 global partners, led by Sightsavers, focussing on advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The project brings together a diverse range of NGOs and research centres with expertise in different areas.

Together we’re pooling our collective expertise and working with disabled people’s organisations to create innovative solutions and remove key barriers that can prevent disabled people from accessing education, health care and work.

Inclusive Futures runs in seven countries, developing and delivering education, health, work, and stigma and discrimination programmes.

Our area of focus

IDS is working with all Inclusive Futures partners to establish, integrate, promote, and facilitate a participatory, inclusive and reflective approach to research, innovation and research uptake. To support the programmes, we’re developing and communicating learning around participatory, innovative, and empowering research practices.



Image of Brigitte Rohwerder

Brigitte Rohwerder

Research Officer

Image of Caroline Martin

Caroline Martin

Project Manager

Image of Ed Small

Ed Small

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialist

Image of Jackie Shaw

Jackie Shaw

Research Fellow

Image of Mary Wickenden

Mary Wickenden

Research Fellow

Image of Philip Mader

Philip Mader

Research Fellow

Image of Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Research Fellow

Image of Vivienne Benson

Vivienne Benson

Communications and Impact Manager

Recent work

Journal Article

Lives Turned Upside Down in COVID-19 Times: Exploring Disabled People’s Experiences in 5 Low-and-middle Income Countries Using Narrative Interviews

This article explores COVID-19 related experiences of disabled people in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal and Uganda. Narrative interviews generated storied responses, focussing on respondents' priorities, which enabled us to hear what was most significant for them and their families. 143...

Image of Mary Wickenden

Mary Wickenden & 3 others

30 September 2021