Joto Afrika – a bilingual briefing series on climate change adaptation in Africa

Joto Afrika, meaning ‘Africa is feeling the heat’ in Swahili, is a English/French briefing series on climate adaptation which draws lessons, experiences and practical information from across sub-Saharan Africa.

Joto Afrika was conceptualised, developed and produced by the Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), Kenya, in partnership with IDS Knowledge Services and the AfricaAdapt Network.

Issues include:

  1. Climate change and the threat to African food security (PDF), July 2009
  2. Managing Africa’s water in a changing climate (PDF), November 2009  
  3. Disaster risk and climate change in Africa (PDF), April 2010
  4. Forestry and REDD in Africa (PDF), September 2010 
  5. The implications of climate change for health in Africa (PDF), December 2010
  6. Women as key players in climate adaptation (PDF), March 2011
  7. The future of pastoralism in a changing climate (PDF), August 2011
  8. Should Africa take the renewable energy path? (PDF), October 2011

It was supported, in part, through the Mobilising Knowledge for Development (MK4D) project, funded by DFID.

Project details

start date
7 October 2007
end date
30 September 2011


About this project

Recent work


Should Africa take the renewable energy path? Joto Afrika 8

Africa needs policies to expand countries’ renewable energy markets – ones that will translate into real benefits for small-scale entrepreneurs and end users. But the biggest challenge is not the limiting policy environment; the real problem is how to move from the micro to the macro. The...

1 October 2011


Women as Key Players in Climate Change Adaptation, JotoAfrika

Gender often dictates who gains and loses in environmental disasters, so it is vital to take gender issues into account when formulating climate change adaptation practice and policy. Additionally, in Africa, women are closely involved in natural resource management and are a huge source of...

1 March 2011