K4D Learning Journey on Education, Climate and Environment

Climate change and environmental degradation is impacting on education uptake and education outcomes in many of the countries where the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) works. This impact will be exacerbated by increasingly extreme climate phenomena. Recent calls for the global education community to do more to address climate change have highlighted the critical role it plays in both mitigation and adaptation strategies for responding to climate change.

As part of broader efforts to ensure climate and environment action is embedding into all FCDO programming, the education, climate and environment and infrastructure cadres within FCDO have initiated a K4D Learning Journey. This is exploring how FCDO can work better together to deliver sustainable impact.

In partnership with the European Commission and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), FCDO is leading a Learning Journey through K4D to learn more about the relationship between climate, environment, infrastructure and education, and to explore how FCDO can work better internally and with partners to deliver sustainable impact. The Learning Journey is developing knowledge and dialogue on the significance of climate, environment and education, including the challenges and impact of integrated climate and education initiatives. This includes a research exercise to map education programmes and initiatives that address climate change by strengthening resilience of education systems through infrastructure and learning activities. The outputs of the research will be made publicly available through an interactive tool to inform policy makers of existing initiatives and to inspire grassroots organisations to take action. The learning aims to inform diagnostics, business cases and policy influencing work.

This Learning Journey will draw on lessons learned from wider initiatives targeting behaviour change to strengthen the sustainability of FCDO investments and impact in partner countries.


• Increase capacity and learning around the relationship between education and climate change.
• Identify and share good and emerging practice for integrated education and climate initiatives in different contexts to deliver the SDGs and UK Aid priorities.
• Increase and develop capacity to access knowledge and networks to share experiences and provide peer support in problem-solving for effective integrated education and climate interventions.

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For more information about the Education, Climate and Environment Learning Journey please contact Kate Sims (Education Development Trust), Lead Researcher, [email protected]
or Louise Oakley (IDS), K4D Programme Manager, at [email protected].

To provide information about any relevant projects for the mapping work please contact:
Dr Andriy Dubovyk, ACER UK, [email protected]


Please note that this Learning Journey is currently ongoing so this webpage will be updated throughout.

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Louise Oakley

Research and Learning Programme Manager