K4D Learning Journey on Security and Access to Justice

The Security & Access to Justice (S&J) Learning Journey will help address S&J challenges and capability gaps within the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). This will be done primarily through a series of facilitated discussions and expertise-sharing with select FCDO and Open Government Data (OGD) staff on S&J issues.

This Learning Journey is intentionally non-specific on substantive content, operating on the basis that there is extensive experience and knowledge on these issues distributed across the FCDO Country Offices (COs) and HMG S&J programmes that needs to be shared, and that learning needs should emerge from practitioners. The Learning Journey will facilitate the sharing of this experience and develop resources to support learning needs as they emerge.

What are the Learning Journey objectives?

  • To provide structured support that will allow S&J staff to learn from each other through peer support – particularly across country offices – for problem-solving.
  • For country offices to have access to relevant expertise, tools and learning and, where required, identify resources to make available.
  • To synthesise and consolidate existing knowledge – textual and experiential – and make it available across the organisation.

This will involve production of rapid response reports, facilitated events, and final report.

What are the learning activities?

  • Mapping internal and external tax and gender stakeholders
  • Online discussions to build consensus around our narrative and tax and gender priorities
  • Webinars to raise awareness and understanding of tax and gender issues
  • ‘Action learning sets’ to reflect, discuss, and apply learning around tax and gender

Who is this Learning Journey for?

This Learning Journey is directed at the FCDO Country Office and UK-based staff working in policy and S&J programmes across cadres and programme managers.

How do I engage with this Learning Journey?

Each event will be advertised individually by the FCDO via email. If you have any questions about this Learning Journey, please contact K4D at​ [email protected]

​​​​​​​Key Personnel

Paul Jackson – University of Birmingham (P.B.Jack[email protected])
Nino Kemoklidze – Core Researcher ([email protected])
Jo Howard – K4D Learning Journey Manager ([email protected])
Louise Oakley– K4D Research and Learning Programme Manager ([email protected])

Please note that this Learning Journey is currently ongoing so this webpage will be updated throughout.

Key contacts

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Louise Oakley

Research and Learning Programme Manager



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