Learning Hub

How can continuous reflection and learning help tackle climate change in the context of wider development challenges?

This interactive PDF aims to support ongoing learning by those inside and outside DFID to develop their own learning journey – no matter what their country, context or level of personal expertise. It reflects the combined knowledge of DFID staff and external experts generated over two years on a shared learning journey through the Learning Hub programme.

Beginning Your Learning Journey

The different sections of this PDF support the reader to reflect on different aspects of climate change and development in relation to their own work. The different sections can be read individually and in any order depending on the reader’s learning needs.

Clickable links between sections are embedded in the PDF, as well as links to themed outputs from the learning cycles in the form of Bridging Papers, Learning Notes, Case Study Notes, Briefing Notes and Research Papers.

The Learning Hub for Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development linked up internal DFID knowledge with external expertise through reflection and joint problem solving on climate change and development. The Hub was structured around four themed learning cycles:

  • Approaches to Planning for Climate Change
  • Tackling Poverty in a Changing Climate
  • Low Carbon Energy and Development
  • Climate Change in Difficult Environments

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Project details

start date
1 January 2010
end date
31 March 2012