Low Carbon Innovation Paths in China, India and Europe

Mitigating climate change requires technological innovation. This project analysed the innovation paths pursued in Europe and Asia.

Europe is in a strong position to advance the relevant technologies. However, Europe’s ability to make a difference to climate change depends on involving China and India in the search for and application of technical solutions. This is difficult because the economic conditions and political pressures in India and China are very different from those in Europe.

This was the starting point for this project which addressed three questions:

  • Whether and how the emerging technological trajectories in Europe, China and India differ;
  • What explains the similarities and differences; and
  • What are the implications for strategies of international competition and cooperation at the enterprise and government level.

The research was carried out by integrating different disciplines and methods and by concentrating the empirical analysis on two sectors: wind energy and electro mobility.

This research complemented the work of the STEPS centre on pathways to sustainability.

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start date
1 August 2011
end date
31 December 2013
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Journal Article

Innovation Paths in Europe and Asia: Divergence or Convergence?


This paper asks what insights the literature provides on divergence versus convergence of innovation paths in Europe and Asia.

Tilman Altenburg

1 August 2016