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Full Force report, Malala Fund, 2018
Full Force report, Malala Fund, 2018

In the context of technological changes impacting employment, Becky Faith and Kevin Hernandez provided new data insights and analysis on the relationship between the current state of girls’ education in low and lower-middle income countries, and implications for girls and young women’s labour market participation.  

They looked at the implications for education brought by the anticipated changes in the economy due to technological change. As well as how to provide girls in low and middle-income countries with the digital skills, attitudes and abilities to thrive in the future labour market.

In Full Force: Why the world works better when girls go to school, Malala Fund shines a spotlight on the $30 trillion in economic potential lost over a lifetime due to our unequal education system. If civil society took the fundamental step of guaranteeing 12 years of education for every woman and girl, every community would benefit, every sector would thrive, and every economy would grow. Malala Fund’s Full Force report gives recommendations for G20 leaders to make significant progress on girls’ education.

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16 July 2018
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16 August 2018


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