Men, Masculinities and HIV

The Men, Masculinities and HIV project is one of the workstreams of the Gender, Power and Sexuality (GPS) programme, funded by Sida. This workstream aims to influence norms and institutions at global and local levels to more effectively tackle the challenge of achieving gender equality, and particularly looking at the role of men in this process.

Challenging norms and stereotypes

Working closely with our partners, we engage in relevant international fora and events to challenge both the constructions of men in policy and how men in organisations in the development and HIV sector might engage with this issue on more honest terms. For example, at the 2012 International AIDS Conference, IDS and partners put on a Satellite Session on the opening day of the conference – ‘Gender and HIV: What Have Men Got to Do with It?’. This highlighted not only men’s importance to the response, but also that the role of men and masculinities in gender oppression and vulnerability is highly complex, institutionally embedded and bound up with homophobia, misogyny, racism and power.

Understanding structures of constraint and influence

In September 2013 an international symposium was held in Brighton with the title ‘Undressing Patriarchy: Redressing Inequalities’. Bringing together thinkers, activists and policy makers, the aim was to explore new thinking on patriarchy and structures of constraint to gender equality. Participants included over 40 specialists concerned with women’s empowerment, sexual rights, men’s engagement in gender equality and social justice struggles. The event was led by the Masculinities group, but also drew on support from other workstreams in the GPS programme.

Building alliances across movements

Through working with your partner organisations, local activist groups in Uganda, Kenya and India are being supported, in their efforts to engage men in gender equality work to influence, advocate and to share lessons.

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start date
1 October 2011
end date
30 September 2014


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Journal Article

Undressing Patriarchy: Men and Structural Violence


It explores the shifting field of men and masculinities and how often conflicted engagements with the feminist project of redressing gender inequalities might be radicalised through a deeper analysis of patriarchy and our relationship to it, as well as by linking it to other struggles for sexual...

7 January 2014


Undressing Patriarchy: Redressing Inequalities

Patriarchy may be seen as an old-fashioned term with little relevance to current work on gender, yet these kinds of questions motivated participants to get excited about the notion of ‘Undressing Patriarchy’ and inspired them to draft background papers and to travel across the world to take...

19 November 2013