NIHR community engagement and involvement learning package

IDS staff worked alongside NIHR staff to develop a package of tailored e-learning resources and activities (the “Toolkit”) to strengthen
community engagement and involvement (CEI) within the NIHR Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (RIGHT) programme (“NIHR RIGHT programme”) and across the wider NIHR global health
research portfolio. The resources is hosted on the website of the NIHR.

The toolkit consists of:

  • Three case studies describing effective approaches to CEI in specific LMIC contexts, and highlighting challenges, strategies and learnings. Each case study comprises a slide show or short video interview; a two-page PDF case study brief.
  • Three four-page learning briefs focusing on critical aspects of CEI for NIHR RIGHT programme applicants, potential topics include:
    i. Ethical Approaches to CEI Design and Implementation
    ii. “Leave No One Behind”: How to be Inclusive of Marginalised and Vulnerable Groups in CEI
    iii. How to Embed Adaptive Learning Cycles in CEI Design, Implementation and Evaluation.
  • Three webinars focusing on critical aspects of CEI for NIHR RIGHT programme applicants (Ethics, “Leave No One Behind”, and Adaptive Learning Cycles), drawing upon case studies to ground
    conceptual understandings and guidance with learning from real life experiences. The webinar content was developed in consultation with LMIC-based CEI experts, who form the core of the experiential learning that is discussed.

Key contacts

Ben Jackson

Senior Project Support Officer


Recent work

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