Overcoming Violence Through Local Institutions: A Comparative Study of Households and Communities in Colombia

The aim of this project is to support collaboration and engagement between the Institute of Development Studies and the Universidad de los Andes in conducting a novel and unique three-year research programme on the effect of violent conflict on institutional change, one of the most important legacies of armed violence. This remains one of the most under researched areas in conflict analysis despite its considerable implications for the reconstruction of communities, economic recovery and the establishment of democracy.

The main objective of the IDS-Uni Andes research programme is to examine how the relationship between populations living in contexts of violence and armed non-state actors controlling or contesting those areas results in forms of local governance and order, and how these in turn affect the access to and effectiveness of economic risk coping strategies adopted by those living in contexts of violence.

Project details

start date
12 January 2015
end date
11 January 2018


In partnership with
Universidad de Los Andes
Supported by
British Academy

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