Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) related Familiarisation Workshops

Participatory methodologies – approaches, methods and attitudes, behaviours and relationships – are developing fast and bringing with them exciting potentials for development professionals.

Alas, a lot of activities labelled as PRA and PLA have been ‘routinised’ and wooden, and exploit and disillusion poor people who participate. In contrast, good PRA/PLA activities empower. They are different each time. They improvise and innovate. They fit our world in which change is accelerating not only for ‘us’ but for those who are poor and marginalised.

During 2007, the Participation, Power and Social Change Team held a series of very short (1-2) day workshops for participants wishing to get a taste of PRA and PLA approaches. The workshops did not provide PRA/PLA training – the Team believes there is no substitute for longer training and exposure which includes field experience.

As part of the workshop process, IDS Fellow Robert Chambers produced a note on PRA and PLA for participants. The note is intended as a checklist for occasional reference rather than a syllabus for learning.

Project details

start date
1 January 2007
end date
31 December 2007

Recent work