Peacebuilding’ in Germany and Nepal

This is a doctoral research project conducted by IDS DPhil Student, Tobias Denskus, and supervised by IDS Fellow, Rosalind Eyben.

After year-long fieldwork in Germany and Nepal, Tobais aims to make sense of the ethnographic research he conducted inside the international aid community in Katmandu and the development and peace research community in Germany. The changing nature of aid relationships (from ‘Aidland’ to ‘Aidcities’ or, in the case of Nepal, to ‘Peacecities’) and its impact on ‘North-South’ co-operation as well as auto-ethnographic reflections of the researcher will be part of his writing-up phase.


Project details

start date
16 October 2004
end date
16 December 2007


In partnership with
German Academic Exchange Service

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