Pilot Study to Estimate the Extent of Child Soldiering, Child Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in South Sudan, DRC and Nigeria

The result of armed conflict crisis can lead to trafficking in persons and exploitation, including labour exploitation and trafficking of both adults and children, combined situations of labour and sexual exploitation and trafficking, forced labour and child labour including its worst forms.

Accurate and up to date information is key to taking effective action to prevent and address violations of fundamental principles and rights. However, at the global level, there continues to be a lack of good information on violations in the context of armed conflict.

This pilot study – funded by ILO, IOM, UNICEF and Walk Free Foundation (WFF) – aims at estimating the number of people exposed to human trafficking and modern slavery in armed conflicts contexts. The estimates will stem from a probabilistic sample of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) registered by IOM in each country.

The study will not only contribute to producing global estimates on child soldiers, but will also enhance global understanding on the impact of armed conflict on forced labour and other worst forms of child labour. The pilot will be conducted in three countries: Nigeria, South Sudan and DRC.

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start date
29 June 2017
end date
31 March 2019


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