Political economy of peri-urban expansion

Today, peri-urban space is recognised to play a critical and increasing role in relation to urban expansion. Yet this role is still poorly understood and peri-urban areas rarely recognised in the different decision spheres, leading to the political and economic marginalisation of the (often poor) populations that live in these peri-urban spaces.

Two policy-relevant questions emerge from this:

  • What can the resilience narrative, which is increasingly used in the context of urbanisation, offer to address this disconnect?
  • What do policies that foster resilience in peri-urban spaces look like?

This project attempts to answer these questions. The study shows that promoting resilience in peri-urban contexts involves fostering adaptation, emphasising systems thinking that brings together urban and rural dynamics, and recognising that path-dependence matters.

Project details

start date
1 April 2012
end date
6 August 2017


Recent work