Poverty Reduction Strategies: Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation

More than 40 countries, including many of the poorest, have thus far produced Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) in response to the international initiative led by the World Bank. The major donor agencies are now realigning their aid strategies around these documents.

One key element in the successful implementation of a PRSP is the establishment of an effective monitoring system that can both guide the implementation process and allow ongoing evaluation of the outcomes. Henry Lucas has been involved in a series of research and consultancy activities to determine the appropriate design of such systems.

A Discussion Paper was produced in 2005 by Henry Lucas on the current state of poverty reduction strategy monitoring systems. The paper was commissioned by the UK Department for International Development Poverty Analysis and Monitoring Team. It reviews recent literature on monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies with discussions on four areas:

  • institutional arrangements
  • the role of non-governmental organisations
  • implementation and intermediate output monitoring
  • using results.

Project details

start date
5 April 2004
end date
31 March 2005


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Recent work

Working Paper

Research on the Current State of PRS Monitoring Systems

IDS discussion papers;382

This report reviews recent literature on monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies. It discusses four challenging areas: institutional arrangements; the role of non-government organisations; implementation and intermediate output monitoring.

1 January 2004