PROKAS Participatory Action Research

Danny Burns is working with the British Council to ensure that high quality Participatory Action Research processes are being applied by PROKAS and to ensure that academia is able to feed into and learn from the PROKAS approach for bringing about policy change.

PROKAS is an innovative programme that brings together the Government of Bangladesh, civil society and the private sector to bring about positive change to improve the lives of Bangladeshis.

The project works with partners who aim to make labour migration fairer and safer and help the country deal with the impacts of climate change. PROKAS aims to build on Bangladesh’s rapid economic growth and development and the positive steps taken by the government to improve accountability and transparency, for example through the Right to Information Act.

PROKAS is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and implemented by a consortium led by the British Council, supported by Palladium and WISE Development.

Scope of Work:

  • To advise on the design of participatory action research methods (including participatory systemic inquiry) on two or more aspects of an issue-based programme;
  • To advise and mentor the British Council in the design and delivery of a “Training of Trainers” (ToT) on participatory action research such that PROKAS staff have the capacity for leading the training of partners in these processes in future Issue Based Programmes;
  • To guide, mentor and, where relevant, facilitate the data analysis phase of one issue-based programme’s PAR process, including the ToT approach to this;
  • To document the PAR process and learning so that both PROKAS and the academic research body can draw upon this experience in their own publications, articles and teaching as an example of how grassroots research and piloting of approaches can link to national level policy engagement;
  • To peer review the publication that PROKAS will be publishing on how it is approaching this participatory action research and to guide PROKAS towards drawing from, and signposting to, the latest thinking and practice in this area.

Project details

start date
27 August 2017
end date
31 March 2018


Supported by
British Council

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