Providing scientific foundation for enterprise development approaches in E4D/SOGA’s theory of change and analysis

IDS is working with GIZ to provide evidence that supports the development of the theory of change of their enterprise development programme, E4D/SOGA. The E4D/SOGA project promotes local employment and addresses skills gaps in natural resource-based industries and related sectors in four target countries: Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.

While E4D/SOGA’s approach includes both skills development and enterprise development components, this research focuses on the enterprise development component, which supports micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to generate more decent and sustainable employment. The components of the research include assessments of (a) E4D/SOGA’s existing enterprise development approaches concerning impact on employment creation and income generation (quantitative and qualitative); and (b) evidence from a literature review and other private sector development programmes regarding employment effects, in order to provide evidence to inform E4D/SOGA’s theory of change.

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start date
31 January 2019
end date
31 December 2019


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Impact Story

IDS research shapes enterprise development action in Africa

This past year has seen IDS expand our wide portfolio of long-term research on the private sector through dedicated work for the German development agency GIZ. We provided evidence to assess and shape its programme on enterprise development in East Africa – and in the process, stimulated...

1 September 2020