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‘Rejuvenate’ is a project that recognises the value that children and young people can bring when they are given the space and support to do so.

It began with a process to collate and map previous and current child rights projects that exhibit substantive participation with children and youth people.

The project draws on existing practitioner and academic literature, field experts and exemplary projects. The project team brought all three of these elements together in what they are calling a ‘living archive’, an evolving database of projects, resources, organisations and people.

The archive draws on literature from children’s and youth geographies, the sociology and anthropology of childhood and youth, education, international development, and documents that elaborate on projects that include children and young people.

The ‘living archive’ forms the basis of what the project hopes will become a resource hub for projects and practitioners working at the intersection between child/youth-led work and social change work.

As part of the reflection on the mapping exercise, the project also propose a set of field principles, as guidelines to facilitate more horizontal collaborative work with children and young people. You can find out more in the project’s Working Paper ‘Learning from a Living Archive: Rejuvenating Child and Youth Rights and Participation’.

Project details

start date
1 November 2018
end date
31 January 2022



Mariah Cannon

Research Officer

Image of Tessa Lewin

Tessa Lewin

Research Fellow

Image of Vicky Johnson

Vicky Johnson

Honorary Associate

Recent work

Upcoming Event

Uncertainty: Child and youth rights and participation

Join the Rejuvenate project for their next dialogue for academics and practitioners working in the field of child and youth rights and participation. Young people do not necessarily view uncertainty in their lives as negative, especially those most-marginalised youth who see their...

15 September 2022

Past Event

Gender in child and youth rights

Join the Rejuvenate project for a dialogue on gender and child/youth rights, where we will be asking: How does gender intersect with child/youth rights and participation? What kind of gender equality work is being done by/with children and young people? What are the challenges and...

19 July 2022

Past Event

Evidencing participatory child rights work

The Rejuvenate project is delighted to invite you to our next virtual dialogue. This time we’ll be discussing evidencing participatory child rights work. There are many of us who believe that we should push for the participation of children and youth, simply because it’s their right to be...

18 May 2022

Past Event

Creative praxis and working with children and young people

As part of the Rejuvenate project, we are hosting a series of grounded dialogues. We’ve just confirmed the date for our third dialogue in February, which will reflect on the use of creative praxis to further rights and participation for children and young people. In the first year of the...

23 February 2022