SendasAL – research and knowledge on gender inequality, social justice and poverty reduction

SendasAL is a joint project between BRIDGE and the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies, Uruguay, which highlight the importance of gender perspectives in efforts to reduce poverty, promote development and social justice. The project aims to to generate and share information between different actors accessible, encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences, encourage changes in policies and practices.

Logo for new BRIDGE and CIEDUR platform, called SendasAL, whihc supports the sharing of research and knowledge in the region to policy-makers and practitioner on gender equality, poverty reduction and social justice.

Using the IDS Knowledge Services Open API, SendasAL developed a Spanish web-space which hosts translated and adapted materials from BRIDGE Cutting Edge Programmes and resources identified by Ciedur around the same thematic areas and produced by Latin American organisations, governments and institutions. Such resources include case studies, good practice examples, research papers and reports. The site is constantly updated with new materials and is connected to an active community of users through Twitter and Facebook.

SendasAL is currently featuring pages on gender sensitive indicators, care and the care economy and gender and governance.

Project details

start date
1 November 2011


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