Set of Studies on Social Protection in Low- and Middle-Income Countries with Special Focus on Ghana

The Centre for Social Protection at IDS, UNICEF Office of Research, UNICEF Ghana and the University of Ghana are collaborating on a set of joint papers tackling topical issues in social protection. These include urban social protection, social accountability and citizenship and ‘cash plus’ models.

The set of papers will draw on secondary data analysis and case study analysis to further conceptual discussions and tease out lessons learned that are relevant for the Ghana context and low- and middle-income countries more generally.

The paper on social accountability and citizenship reflects on the importance of accountability mechanisms for the creation of active citizenship and a justice-based approach to social protection.

The paper on ‘cash plus’ provides a rationale and conceptual framework for ‘cash plus’ interventions and considers key criteria for effective implementation of such interventions.

The paper on urban social protection aims to consider specificities of implementing social assistance in urban settings.

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start date
31 May 2016
end date
15 June 2017


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Centre for Social Protection

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Working Paper

Linking Social Rights to Active Citizenship for the Most Vulnerable: The Role of Rights and Accountability in the ‘Making’ and ‘Shaping’ of Social Protection

Innocenti Working Paper;2017-14

The rise of social protection into the limelight of social policy has opened up space for understanding how it can act as a key interface between states and citizens. This paper rethinks social protection through the lens of citizenship. It considers how the design and implementation of social...

1 October 2017