Shaping policy processes through citizen voice in Francophone West Africa: the arts as a vehicle for knowledge co-construction

This networking activity convenes research, policy, cultural and community engagement organisations from across Sahelian Francophone West Africa. It seeks to understand whether the arts and cultural activities can act as a mode through which citizen and policy actors can communicate, co-creating understanding about environmental issues.

The project works with citizen and advocacy groups, policy actors and artists from across Senegal, Mauritania and Mali, to explore the different forms of ‘storytelling’ tradition which exist in their contexts. A practical workshop experiments with these techniques, while the project creates a regional network which will set out the agenda for future research in this domain.


Recent work

Working Paper

Citizen Voice and the Arts: Opportunities and Challenges for Citizen–Policy Engagement on Environmental Issues in Sahelian West Africa

IDS Working Paper 584

Citizen and policy groups address environmental challenges in the Sahel, but rarely together. In Sahelian West Africa, including in Mauritania, Senegal, and Mali, artists and citizens have used protest art to make their voices heard, in contexts where this can carry risks of conflict with...

21 December 2022


L’usage des arts pour le dialogue environnemental au Sahel

IDS Policy Briefing 205

L’art a été utilisé pour communiquer les préoccupations environnementales dans les pays sahéliens. Néanmoins, le dialogue dirigé par les arts entre les acteurs politiques et les citoyens est cependant rare, bien qu’il ait le potentiel de trouver des solutions aux problèmes...

1 December 2022