Shubh Kal

The Shubh Kal project aims to strengthen community knowledge and voice on climate change impacts and adaptation by increasing their input into local research and policy dialogues, and enabling communities to share their experiences of adapting to climate change.

Radio is still the dominant media format among poorer communities in Madhya Pradesh. Capitalising on the reach and influence of radio stations and information networks in Madhya Pradesh, the project will build the capacity of local radio to broadcast and to advocate on climate issues at community level in an accessible way while at the same time providing a platform for communities to share their experiences. In doing so, the project will develop an innovative model of learning and action to connect community, media, researchers and policy makers. The prototype will be tested in Madhya Pradesh State, India, building on a successful model that is being implemented in Ghana.

Project details

start date
1 January 2012
end date
30 June 2013


In partnership with
Development Alternatives (India)