Social Assistance in Low Income Countries (SALIC) Database

IDS was commissioned by the UK Department for International Development to build a database to support policy work on social protection in low-income developing countries.

The current version of the database is available from the Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC) website.

It includes information on just under 70 programmes, covering cash transfers, fee waivers for education and health, near cash transfers, food based transfers, input grants and community funds. For each programme, there is basic information on objectives, size of transfers, targeting, coverage, monitoring and evaluation, cost and cost effectiveness and welfare outcomes. The entries also include web links to programme and evaluation sources. The SALIC database is an invaluable tool for those engaged in policy work and research on social protection and has recently been updated. Version Two is also available on the CPRC website.

Project details

start date
22 January 2005
end date
22 January 2006


Recent work