The Bellagio Initiative

The Bellagio Initiative is a series of global consultations that aims to:

  • Explore trends and opportunities in philanthropy and development
  • Formulate a new framework for philanthropy and development for a changing world
  • Mobilise new resources for promoting human wellbeing

Throughout 2011, the Bellagio Initiative is engaging practitioners, opinion leaders, social entrepreneurs and donors.

Woman in Mauritania working in a cooperative vegetable garden. Credit: J B Russell/Panos

The Bellagio Initiative was led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the Resource Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation.


All outputs and publications from this project can be found on our OpenDocs website: Bellagio Initiative.

You can also view a number of interview videos on the Bellagio Initiative YouTube channel.

Project details

start date
8 August 2011
end date
30 September 2012


In partnership with
Resource Alliance
Supported by
Rockefeller Foundation