The Impact of Emerging Power: China-EU Cooperation and Global Governance

This project funded a research collaboration between three institutions: The Institute of World Economy and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the German Development Institute (GDI) and IDS.

Its aims were to:

  1. promote mutual understanding and interaction between the three institutions
  2. strengthen academic dialogue and exchange
  3. enhance academic exchange of young scholars and students.

The activities of the network focused on three global governance areas: climate change/energy, innovation and low carbon development, and development cooperation. Starting from a multi-level understanding of global governance, the project’s research in China included the following aspects:

  1. summary of the domestic and global challenges China and Europe face in the three mentioned areas;
  2. analyses of key governance aspects such as interests, policies, rules and regulations and how they influence both Europe’s and China’s role in global governance related to the three topics.

The network adopted a cooperative and comparative research approach, with three research teams formed with researchers from each of the three institutions. A joint workshop in Beijing at the beginning of the project laid the ground for a comparative research methodology and enhanced the mutual understanding of the project. A mid-term workshop was held in Brighton in June 2010. A larger conference at the end of the project aimed to discuss results with scientific peers and present policy suggestions to actors actively involved in global governance.

(CO-REACH = Coordination of Research between Europe and China)

Key contacts

John Humphrey

Professorial Fellow

Project details

start date
1 September 2009
end date
30 April 2011


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