The Implications of China’s “Going Out” Strategy for Inequality and Poverty Alleviation in Latin America and Africa

Funded by the British Academy, this research seeks to assess the impact of China’s growing economic relationships in Latin America and Africa in the context of a major structural shift in the global political economy; ‘South-South dialogue’; and sustainable development strategies addressing poverty alleviation and reduced inequality. China is ‘Going Global’ whilst proclaiming South-South and developing world solidarity. Complex economic inter-dependency has replaced ideological bonds.

China already has a substantial presence in Africa and a significant economic and political relationship has emerged through the China-Africa Forum and since China formulated its ‘Africa Policy’ statement in 2006. Latin America is actively courting Pacific Basin economies and China in particular through ECLAC’s Pacific Basin Initiative and the two initial China-Latin America Business Forum held in Santiago in November 2007 and Harbin November 2008. China published its first ‘Latin America Policy’ statement in 2008. The objective of the overall study is to contribute policy-relevant findings and recommendations.

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Jing Gu

Research Fellow, Centre Director

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start date
1 January 2009
end date
30 December 2011


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