The Social Impacts of Crisis

How have people and communities experienced recent global economic shocks? In early 2009, the Social Impacts of Crisis project started work in 12 community ‘listening posts’ in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Yemen and Zambia to answer this question.

Funded by the UK Department for International Development, the project developed rapid participatory tools, making repeat research visits to explore the impacts of the ‘Triple F’ – food, fuel and financial – crises.

With the focus on how people and everyday lives have been affected, the research findings complement – and sometimes challenge – macroeconomic and national assessments of the impacts. It has uncovered evidence about how people have experienced official responses to the crisis, and signs of likely enduring harms to livelihoods and wellbeing. This qualitative research is being complemented by analysis of household survey data in Indonesia and Zambia, in a parallel IDS research project on the Microeconomics of the Crisis.

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start date
30 March 2009
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10 March 2011


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